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Introduction to the Caslaw name october the 10th

Where does the name Caslaw come from?
Since I started my research into the family history I've come across the name in various locations:
A Dictionary of Russian Surnames
It could be a corruption of - Castle Law (There are hills with that name in the Scottish borders)
- of Caslow/Coslow/Castello - there are quite a few of those
- of Caisely/Caislaw/Casley/CarlowI've found the name in
1227 Zittau (Saxonia - Czech - Bohemia) - nobleman Caslaw
1501-1505 Alexander Caslaw, trumpeter, in Scotland with JAMES IV.
1679 Selkirk, Scotland (birth) - Erial Caslaw
1700 Selkirk, Scotland (marriage) - Erial Caslaw
1771 Brancepeth, Durham - Ann Caslaw
1803 Newcastle upon Tyne (marriage) - Margaret Caslaw
1806 (birth) - James Caslaw Newham, Northumberland
1810 Kentucky, USA (birth) - Lydia Caslaw
1829 13th May - Oath of Allegiance to USA - - John Caslaw (ex GB)
1830 Newcastle County, Delaware, USA - James Caslaw
1840 Brown County, Washington Township, USA
1850 Milton Borough, PA, USA - John F Caslaw - Druggist

1873 Milton, Glasgow, Scotland (marriage) - John Caslaw
1874 Barony, Lanark, Scotland (birth) - James Caslaw

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